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Pullman Desk / Desk Pod

Find a bubble of focus in the crowd Designed by NaughtOne

The Pullman Desk and Desk Pods are single user freestanding desks with upholstered plinth bases. The work surface provides a space for focused work or a quiet retreat without distractions in open plan spaces—from busy offices to university communal areas. The wall panels, upholstered body, and foam construction help to provide a level of acoustic comfort needed for concentration.

Technical Information

Designed to fit in with the Pullman product family, and complement NaughtOne chairs, the Pullman Desk and Desk Pods maintain visual cohesion across the floorplate. Choose from an array of attractive colours, finishes, and fabrics to tailor the Pullman Desk to your unique environment. The desk features power and data integration, including a cable zipper sleeve for discrete cable management, and can accommodate a clamp mount monitor arm. What’s possible? Add integrated power and data Add monitor arm Specify upholstery in single or two tone Extensive colour choice as standard