It’s all about perspectives

Our name Muuto comes from the Finnish word muutos, meaning new perspective. Drawing on our Scandinavian roots, we create functional, well-crafted pieces with an enduring aesthetic and an honest expression. Before we introduce a new Muuto design, we want to be sure that it adds a new perspective, building on a strong heritage but in a modern context – somehow improving or challenging what has been made before.

We search for designers who share this same mindset. Creatives with a contemporary take on tradition, who embrace the essence of Scandinavian design. Who are keen on exploring a forward-thinking approach to natural materials, comfort, craftsmanship and durability. Individuals who bring a fresh set of eyes to creating something new, as well as new ways of reimagining something old.

People tend to gravitate towards something that feels familiar yet new. We aim to create designs that are inviting and intuitively attractive. Designs should spark curiosity and interest – without imposing itself on its surroundings. Because a chair in one interior can seem soft and elegant, whereas in another interior it can look contemporary and edgy. It’s all about perspectives.


“Objects influence our impression of space and how we feel when in the presence of them”