Happy & Healthy Workspaces Around the World.

Since 2007, BuzziSpace’s main driving force has been to produce effective and high-quality acoustic solutions, lighting, and furniture for the ever-changing workspace that are both functional and inspiring.

The BuzziSpace Story: Well-being At Work

BuzziSpace believes in working from anywhere along with creating Hubs for Togetherness.

Their solutions help to reduce excessive noise, so people can feel more focused, less stressed, and thrive better in their working environments. This, in turn, has fueled their mission in creating happy and healthy workspaces, along with increasing the well-being and job satisfaction of employees worldwide.

BuzziSpace also works closely with customers in shaping the future of happy and healthy workspaces. Together extraordinary and unexpected things are being achieved.

Contrary to popular belief acoustic solutions don’t have to look ugly and BuzziSpace has over 14 years of experience to prove it. From the very beginning, acoustics has been the driving force, and it still is to this day. Their celebrated acoustic solutions portfolio has undergone various testing and certification processes to ensure they deliver quality designs that are also effective.

With a commitment to quality products, key building blocks are provided to create well-balanced spaces to make professionals feel at home wherever they are.

Make It Sustainable

The first BuzziProducts came to life by using recycled and recyclable materials, both of which are good for the planet and good for acoustics. Being conscious of the environmental impact, BuzziSpace collaborates to achieve continuous improvements in lowering the carbon footprint.

They also want to create a sustainable future for all people, customers, and communities, which is why they invest in handcrafting durable products with high-quality materials; and in the long run, produce less waste. With craftsmanship and timeless design at the forefront, they aim to create products that last.

In BuzziSpace’s quest to create boundary-pushing acoustic solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern workspace, their in-house design team, BuzziSpace Studio, is fully committed to innovation, which has been recognized by numerous international design awards. They additionally collaborate with internationally renowned designers to go beyond what is expected in the design world.

We take great pride in the products that we design, focusing on craftsmanship and high-quality materials all the way, so it’s always a delight to be recognized and honoured for our achievements over the years.