Ever Chair / Sofa

Groundbreaking circular design meets 0/1 versatility Designed by Ric Frampton

The cozy, inviting NaughtOne Ever Chair and Sofa range comes in an array of fabrics and finishes to harmonize with other furniture, such as the Always family.

Technical Information

Designer Ric Frampton began with the end in mind, and Ever’s responsibly sourced materials can eventually be easily separated with simple tools for proper recycling. After your chair reaches the end of its long life, which is backed by a 10-year-warranty, simply return it to NaughtOne via our take-back programme. We’ll handle the rest, making sure each of its materials make it to the right place. What’s possible? Specify as chair, two or three-seat sofa Available with steel or wooden base Extensive CMF choices as standard Be more sustainable with a product designed for proper end-of-life recycling