Womb chair

Eero Saarinen 1948

Eero Saarinen designed the groundbreaking Womb Chair at Florence Knoll’s request for “a chair that was like a basket full of pillows…something I could really curl up in.” The fiberglass design supported multiple sitting postures and provided a comforting sense of security — hence the name.

Technical Information

The Womb Chair at 75 Years The Womb Chair was released in 1948 as a liberating counterpoint to the rigid Victorian-style chairs available at the time. Said Florence Knoll, “I told Eero I wanted a chair I could sit in sideways or any other way I want.” The resulting design and its enveloping comfort were immediately popular and have remained so for 75 years. Made to last for generations Skilled craftspeople make every Womb Chair by hand, start to finish—from molding the shell to carefully hand-sewing the customer’s selected upholstery.

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