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Reff profiles

Celebrating the Beauty of Wood Throughout the Workplace

Building on the Knoll heritage of wood excellence, Reff Profiles creates tailored workspaces, based on a tradition of sustainable wood craftsmanship and design flexibility. Reff ProfilesTM complements architectural spaces to support multiple work modes. From private offices, to reception and administrative support areas as well as open plan and meeting spaces, Reff Profiles creates a cohesive workplace experience.

Technical Information

Reff Profiles height-adjustable desks combine the beauty of wood with the ergonomic benefits of an adjustable worksurface. Reff Profiles freestanding and peninsula height-adjustable desks bring rich materials and a tailored aesthetic to the sit-stand desk category. Planning with Reff Profiles height-adjustable desks in the open plan supports wellness and delivers a cohesive aesthetic throughout the workplace. Reff Profiles brings timeless design and a signature aesthetic to open plan workstations. Offering a comprehensive scope of panel and storage configurations in a range of sizes and heights, Reff Profiles open plan workstations address a broad spectrum of privacy and enclosure needs. Reff Profiles open plan solutions can be scaled to minimize distraction to promote individual, focus work or can be planned in more open layouts to facilitate teamwork and collaboration.