Switch between sitting and standing for better health.

DESIGNER: Robert Propst and George Nelson

Research shows that moving from one posture to another is beneficial to our health—people who move more, feel better. And people who feel better, work better. The Ratio height-adjustable desk enables a smooth transition between sitting and standing. Users can vary their posture to find the right balance between sitting and standing throughout the day. Ratio can be specified as single desks or in unlimited clusters, working with our other desking solutions to complete any floor plate.

Technical Information

With the option of a shared leg structure Ratio is available with two kinds of electric height adjustment, including programmable pre-sets for use at assigned desks. This means users can adjust their desk to exactly the right height at the touch of a button. Undersurface and Vertical cable Management keeps cables tidy & allows for an uncluttered transition as desk height changes.

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