The hybrid office requires a new solution to personal staff storage

With office workstations being shared, staff no longer have personal desk drawers to store their personal items, shopping bags etc while at work. Lockers are more than functional - they enhance the look and feel of the office, they can be used as room dividers, and can be placed in the more communal spaces - thereby optimizing set-apart focus and collaboration areas.

Technical Information

400w x 800h x 400d-2 Door
800w x 800h x 400d-4 Door
1200w x 800h x 400d-6 Door
1600w x 800 h x 400d-8 Door
400w x 1200h x 400d -3 Door
800w x 1200h x 400d-6 Door
1200w x1200h x 400d -9 Door
1600w x 1200h x 400d – 12 Door
400w x 1600h x 400d -4 Door
800w x 1600h x 400d-8 Door
1200w x1600h x 400d -12 Door
1600w x 1600h x 400d – 16 Door
Steel Frame (25x25x square tubing)
400w x 150h x 400d
800w x 150h x 400d
1200w x 150h x 400d
1600w x 150h x 400d

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