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Flink Stool

A soft and futuristic stool, inspired by the stones found at the beach, which over time have been slowly polished and transformed into pebbles with rounded “friendly” shapes. For this reason, the stool is called Flink, a word that in Danish means “Friendly”.

DESIGNER Thomas Pederson

This iconic Infiniti stool, which is a reminder of the smooth stones of the beaches of the Northern Europe, consists of a structure with a round steel base, an aluminum support, and a chouice between an upholstered seat or a solid wood seat. The upholstered seat is available in a wide range of colours, bringing visual interest to its envirnment, while the Flink Wood version lends a distinctly Scandinavian style. It is available in three different heights, ideal for workplace canteens,bars and cafes.

It is available, also, in the new low version, with a height of 45cm, which is ideal for bars and cafes.

Technical Features

Variations: Flink/Flink Wood
Height: Bar/Kitchen/Low
Steel Frame: Black/Light Grey/Lead Grey/White/Dove Grey
Upholstered Seat (Flink)
Wood Seat (Flink Wood): Basalt Grey Ash/Black Stained Ash/Natural Ash

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