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ChatterBox Classic

A high performing fully enclosed & freestanding acoustic pod.

The ChatterBox Classic Range was designed in consultation with acoustic engineers to create an acoustic comfort level that is conducive to distraction free conversation and concentrated thought processes, making it ideal as a phone booth, private meeting space, agile/activity based, or collaborative work space. It is designed to be dismantled, moved in close proximity, and reassembled in about a day. It is installed with or without building services integration and with minimal disruption and downtime.

Technical Information

Solo Telephone Booth: 1100x1100x2300mmH
Double 2-seater: 2200x1100x2300mmH
Solo Focus Task Pod: 1500x1100x2300mmH
Focus Task Pod: 2000x1100x2300mmH
Quad 4-seater: 2200x2200x2300mmH

The ChatterBox Classic is actively ventilated. Air is drawn into the pod by low-noise fans, which have been further attenuated. Cool air is introduced at floor level, while stale air is removed through the plenum ceiling. The air supply exceeds the recommendations and is sufficient for the number of occupants the unit is designed for.

Various types of power docks are available for the worktops and tables. LED lighting, which is activated by a motion thermal sensor, is housed within the ceiling. All wiring is concealed in raceways within the panels, whilst external power can be supplied via power skirting or underfloor.

The wall panels, ceiling, and ventilation system have been designed to provide good sound isolation/blocking properties to reduce the transmission of sound and noise from inside or outside the unit. In addition, sound absorption is added to enhance the comfort in the space. The walls and ceiling reduce sound by as much as 30dB, whilst the glazing reduces sound and noise transmission by approximately 35dB. In situ the sound reduction is between 20-25dB.

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