The smallest work hub.

Get to know this powerful acoustic work cocoon spot and stop avoiding noisy environments in your next meeting. This wall-mounted upholstered-foam body absorbs sound both on the inside and the outside, being a must-have in any open-plan office or lounge when you want to have a space to focus.

Technical Features

Not only is BuzziRing an acoustic cocoon within the inner circle, but it also absorbs the sound waves from crowded surroundings and prevents them from bouncing back into the room, thanks to the space between the wall and BuzziRing. BuzziRing offers a Noise Reduction of up to 7dB thereby dampening background noise and providing improved speech privacy. In addition to its sound-blocking properties, BuzziRing is cladded both internally and externally with high-density foam to provide more than 3 Sabins of absorption across the full speech frequency range. With the combination of sound-blocking and sound absorption, BuzziRing is an ideal solution that effectively balances both the speech privacy and acoustic comfort of users.

Acoustic Performance: Low Tones, Mid Tones, High Tones.

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