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Our latest edition focusses on the pioneers who understand the importance of staying adaptable, agile, and taking the road less travelled. We explore how the pandemic has provided the opportunity for leaders to re-think and improvise toward the future of workplace.

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featuRed articles:

Let the battle commence

It’s time to address the failings in the home vs office debate. Organisations would do better to work on their own solution, by looking inwards at what’s on offer and what isn’t

Question everything

Track cyclist Dan Bigham reverse-engineered a strategy to beat national teams to gold. How can this be applied to organisational strategies?

Improvising: the future of work

Can improvisation techniques help the world of workplace? Comedian Neil Mullarkey explains how the form can help us become better hybrid workers.

On shifting ice

Jonathan Ager, Programme Director of the British Antarctic Survey explains how to juggle forward planning with adaptability, taking inspiration from his current project.

The Change issue

Our latest issue focuses on a tough subject, one often avoided. In the past few years, life has undergone unimaginable transformations. But how are organisations and, more importantly, people navigating and embracing these changes? Rather than fearing change, in this issue we’re celebrating it as a catalyst for growth.