Workplace strategy insights for COVID-19 and beyond

As you explore the best way to help your employees return to the workplace—whether that’s in a traditional office, at home, or somewhere in between—we’re here to help. We understand the challenges because we’re experiencing them, too, and we’re learning right along with you. The insights we’ve gained during this crisis form the contents of this report, along with over 50 years of research about people and the ways and places they work.

We hope what you find in these pages will give you the confidence to shape smart, short-term return-to-workplace tactics, along with holistic long-term strategies. We’re also including design considerations you’ll want to explore, along with thought starters for planning spaces that will keep people at a safe distance from each other and allow them to stay connected and collaborative.

There’s no doubt that the future of work will be dynamic, and our focus must remain on people. If we act together, with resilience and empathy, we can ensure that everyone succeeds.