In 2017 Sasol brought together approximately 3000 employees from 17 office locations across Greater Johannesburg into one, custom-built building. It wasn’t just a relocation to another building, it was rather part of a strategic journey to see Sasol as a collective. But people had a very inward focus, they just wanted to work amongst themselves and not really collaborate.

Herman Miller’s insights globally in terms of cutting edge workplace design, and the furniture which is associated with that, was very important to the success of the project.

Sasol’s approach to collaboration was focused on creating a professional space where colleagues are taken seriously, but they are also able to enjoy comradery and team spirit within the neighborhoods they are working.

One of Sasol’s project requirements was to have a high proportion of local product content, to help support the local economy and reduce environmental impact. Herman Miller already had local production capability, and also managed to increase the local content of their Layout Studio workstations to over 90%.

This is an advantage to future clients, where both clients and suppliers see a long term benefit.

Watch below to see how the new building has brought around a real change to the way people work at Sasol.

They’ve adopted and embraced the new work environments very well, and we see people working in a far wider range of work settings than they were ever able to in the past.

– Adam Sargent, Managing Director /Sasol Programme Director at Betapoint