As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the centre of today’s business and technology revolution. In addition to its 355,000 customers worldwide, SAP has over 87,000 employees in sites across the world.

Ensuring they can support their people, in environments where they can innovate, and flourish in what they are doing, is key for the company.

SAP is a corporation that values its people, and that’s why it’s vitally important to contribute to employee engagement. Facilities management is traditionally seen as a bottom line department, looking after buildings, but that’s actually wrong – it’s about looking after people.

SAP recently brought together three business groups, SAP, Ariba and Concur, into a single building, Metronom, in Prague. The Metronom project kicked off the idea of bringing everyone together in a creative and inspirational space that cultivates synergy.

When SAP create work environments, they are looking to create a series of interactions for their employees, and the ability for them to collaborate and innovate. Take a look to see how the choice of furniture, like with the height adjustable Ratio desks, creates a supportive environment:

I think one of our proudest achievements isn’t the building. It’s building the culture of the three organisations together. The building is a tool to bring out that culture and harmonise what we’re doing together.

-Michael Roper, EMEA Vice President, Global Real Estate & Facilities (GFR)