Global Client through Design CoLab



Barker Street, in collaboration with Design CoLab and the Trend Group, recently completed a transformative project that has set a new standard for office seating comfort and aesthetics, in which 270 Cosm chairs from Herman Miller were installed in the South African offices of a prominent global company.

The choice of Cosm chairs for this project was no accident. Designed for Herman Miller by Studio 7.5, Cosm chairs are renowned for their distinctive design and the revolutionary auto-harmonic tilt mechanism, which ensures an immediate and unparalleled sitting experience. These chairs effortlessly adapt to the user’s body movements, providing impeccable support for various postures throughout the day. It’s a testament to Herman Miller’s commitment to innovative design and comfort.

But the success of this project goes beyond just selecting remarkable chairs. The collaboration between Barker Street, Design CoLab, and the Trend Group played a pivotal role in ensuring the project’s success. The journey began in October 2022 when the teams first connected to discuss the specific requirements of the global client. Talisa from Design CoLab and Nicky from Herman Miller played instrumental roles, working closely with the Barker Street team to understand and execute a visionary office space.




Nicky, representing Herman Miller, visited South Africa in November 2022 to collaborate with Design CoLab in situ, a crucial visit to ensure that all chair design aspects were meticulously covered. It underscores the commitment of all parties involved to create an environment that fosters collaboration, productivity, and, most importantly, comfort.


This chair selection  paid off, resulting in a seamless integration of the Cosm chairs into the office layout. Lowback Cosm’s found their place in the meeting and collaboration areas, where comfort and style are essential for productive discussions and teamwork. Meanwhile, the midback Cosm chairs were chosen for task and focus areas, where ergonomics and support are crucial for sustained productivity.


In terms of aesthetics, the selected Dipped-in-Colours, Nightfall and Mineral, have added a unique and understated complementary elegance to the interior fit-out. These colour choices resonate with the modern design of the Cosm chairs, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the workspace.


The Cosm chairs from Herman Miller bring an added layer of confidence and comfort to the project, with a remarkable 12-year warranty for 24/7 use. Minimal mechanical adjustments, limited to just seat and armrest height, make these chairs not only comfortable but also hassle-free, ensuring they remain functional throughout their extended lifespan.

It’s worth noting that the chairs were successfully delivered to the client in August 2023, following ongoing communication between the client, designer, and supplier. The end result is a project that showcases the unlimited potential of creating inspiring and functional office environments where employees can work with confidence and comfort.