Social Ergonomics in Workplace Design

Uncover the influence of social ergonomics in shaping vibrant workplace environments and fostering thriving organizational cultures in our upcoming webinar, “Social Ergonomics in Workplace Design: Creating Social Capital – the Currency of Thriving Businesses.”

Discover how social ergonomic concepts intersect with workplace dynamics and organizational structures, influencing collaboration, communication, and team cohesion. Gain insights into the profound impact that working environments have on social interactions, trust-building, and employee engagement, and learn how strategic design interventions can enhance these vital aspects within an organization.

From collaborative workspaces to breakout areas designed for serendipitous encounters, we’ll delve into creative design solutions that promote purposeful social connections and cultivate a sense of belonging within the workplace.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable strategies for leveraging social ergonomics in your workplace design to create environments where individuals thrive, teams excel, and businesses prosper.

Date and time

Wednesday, June 19 · 4 – 5pm SAST



About this event

1 hour

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