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Fuld Nesting Chair

Redefining a Staple in Seating

DESIGNER: Stefan Diez

Introducing our inaugural nesting chair, Fuld boasts a sleek design that not only redefines but also establishes a fresh standard for seating that conveniently "nests" when not in use, optimizing space. Crafted by Stefan Diez, Fuld departs from the conventional X shape, adopting a streamlined inverted Y design with tubular arms. The flexible back adds a touch of comfort to your movements. Fuld pays homage to the unassuming nesting chair, giving it the recognition it deserves.

Technical Information

Elevating Aesthetics Fuld stands out among nesting chairs, elevating the visual appeal with its rejuvenating aesthetic. It allows you to adapt and reconfigure spaces for various purposes, be it breakout sessions or educational events, all without compromising on style. Engineered for practicality, Fuld incorporates flip-up seats and space-saving legs, preventing the seat-back from damaging walls. Whether in monochromatic or multicolour options, Fuld's unique lines inject vibrancy into any space, proving that functionality can coexist with flair even when openly displayed. Prioritizing Sustainability Diez's dedication to environmental responsibility shaped Fuld's design. Its innovative one-piece construction and tubular arms minimize waste during production. Additionally, the 3D Knit textile, composed of 50 percent post-consumer recycled content, is intricately knitted to match the chair's dimensions, eliminating fabric wastage. Emphasizing Comfort Fuld takes comfort seriously, featuring a contoured seat pocket and a flexibly designed back that surprisingly enhances comfort. For added visual warmth, an optional 3D Knit textile, available in a variety of colors, complements the overall design.

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