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Continuum Stool

Nobody could imagine…..


….that the paper clip, one of the most common objects in the office – which hasn’t changed since it was invented in 1899 – could be combined with the creativity of Fabio Bortolani and transformed into a stool.

DESIGNER: Fabio Bortolani

SKU: BSOF-CNTM-BSTL Categories: , , , , Tag:
Its beautiful shape comes from a metal band, which, with its essential design, softly and seamlessly shapes the seat and the footrest.

Technical Features

Blanched oak, black open pore, white lacquered and soft leather
Stainless Steel, black or white powder coating
The Continuum bends gently round to form a three dimensional loop.
Every element from footrest through to the seat is seamlessly included in a single smooth trajectory.
Barstool - Width 420 x Depth 430 x Height 800mm
Weight: 7.2kg
Kitchen Stool - Width 420 x Depth 430 x Height 680mm
Weight: 6.7kg

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