BuzziSpace Webinars

Join us for two afternoons of insightful talks and discussion together with the Buzzispace team. You are welcome to attend both days.

Dates – 27/09/2023 & 04/10/2023

Part 1 – Acoustics 101 – a theoretical understanding of sound and its impact on our daily life (27/09/2023)

Our part 1 session is aimed more towards the theory of acoustics for the                               Architect and Design community.
Gain a better understanding of the importance and impact of sound in daily environments and why acoustics play an integral role in creating spaces for people to feel happy, healthy and closer to nature.

 Part 2 – The practical application of acoustic products into open plan and meeting rooms (04/10/2023)

Our part 2 session is geared towards the implementation of acoustic products
Learn how adequate acoustics and lighting play a key role in mental health and physical well-being in open-plan offices and meeting rooms. After this session, proper acoustic treatment should no longer be an afterthought.